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. no defendants, no defense attorney, only prosecutors, police, some members of the mortensen family, even some of pam's co-workers, all in front of 16 jurors, whose job it was to died whether or not they should charge roger and pam with kay's murder. and in just over an hour, the jury decided to indict. >> so what did that say to you? >> well, there was enough to proceed. >> it sort of reinforced what you were already thinking? >> it did. >> and that same day, eight months after kay mortensen was found dead in his home, roger and pam were deposited in the county jail. chris andres, the family friend, who still believed they were innocent, went to roger's sister. >> i said, julie, we need some money to hire an attorney for roger. we think pam's family can come up with money for pam, but we've got to get him a separate attorney. can you help me? there's millions of dollars in the trust. she told me, her words were "not one red penny will be spent on his defense." >> julie told us she did not use those specific words, but she said the family was advised by their attorney not to use kay's money to
in france in 2005. and at the same time, the department of defense was funding research to advance the treatment of severely injured u.s. troops returning from the wars in afghanistan and iraq. rodriguez secured that research funding which would be used to treat richard. what was it about richard's injuries that made him perfect for trying to create the kind of science needed? >> that was the same type of injury that our soldiers were experiencing in iraq. they would see these injuries as a result of the i.d. blast coming from the ground up. so if we could treat this people in a severely injured patient, then it would be ideal to treat the military patients. so that was our first goal. >> reporter: by 2009, the surgeon set his sights on a goal that was unprecedented. he would attempt the most extensive face transplant ever performed with the goal of leaving few visible stars. >> it was the only way that a person could become normal and walk in a room and no one would know that they had a face transplant. >> you wanted that for richard? >> of course. 100%. >> reporter: but the exten
and cherish her as long as they both shall live. >> my ears were ringing. it was so loud. >> larry's defense? the same story he shared with us. he'd been framed by the mysterious jerry. to no one's surprise, the jury didn't buy it. >> we the jury in the above entitled cause find the defendant lawrence gerald hoagland guilty of the crime of attempted murder. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> a month later at his sentencing, connie and the kids read victim impact statements. it was the first time any of them had spoken to their dad since his arrest. >> larry is no longer my father, and i am no longer his daughter. i haven't spoken to larry in almost two years, and after today, i will never see or speak to him again. >> larry, you disgust me. he does not deserve or have the right to refer to us as his family any more. when larry dies in prison, no one will shed a tear. >> i exercise my divine right to wash my hands of you. your soul is of no concern or consequence to me. and you will live your hell. >> words that some dads might consider a punishment harsher than a life in prison, which
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3